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The Arc’s Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) Program is a residential program that is community-based, providing supports and services to people with developmental disabilities that choose to reside primarily in Iroquois County. The supports are designed to target individuals with developmental disabilities who have chosen to reside in rental/personally purchased/family homes within surrounding communities. By residing in a CILA individuals receive the supervised supportive services, which promote residential stability in the living environment in which they have chosen. Supports are provided in all settings in which the individual decides to participate. Assisting individuals to live, work, and socialize in “natural environments” with the level of support determined on an individual basis is the primary focus of our program. The CILA Program takes a person-centered approach to providing services to any person with a developmental disability who chooses to reside in a home, requiring 24 hour to intermittent supervision (level of staff support is based on the needs of the individual), through an annual service plan (every 6 months if mental illness has been diagnosed) based on the desires of the individual. Services are provided, obtained, and coordinated to provide continuity for each individual while utilizing the availability of our resources.

Currently the CILA Program provides support services to 87 individuals living in the community. All 87 have been diagnosed with a developmental disability, and some of those individuals also receive services to address their mental illness needs. The total age span for our program is 21 years of age to 74 years of age. Services and supports are provided and designed to meet basic needs in the areas of Economic Self Sufficiency, Medical/Medication, Community Integration, Independence in Daily Living Skills, and any other priority areas of need as determined by the individual. Services are provided to assist individuals with transportation, employment, governmental benefits, medical services, counseling, money management/financial affairs, community involvement, shopping, coordinating efforts from all other service providers, and obtaining evaluations/assessments and following up with the recommendations. We work individually with each person in their decision to move. Who they prefer as a roommate, what community to reside in, who will work with them, how their lifestyle will change, and how to be a successful participant in their chosen community. We work closely with other agencies/counties to assist individuals in receiving the services they request/require. Providing education and creating awareness of individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, and the community about least restrictive environments available, such as CILAs is a constant. Individuals choose whether or not CILA living is the best choice for them and they along with their families decide whether or not to enter the program.



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